This is me, Rosanne Zeeuwe


Born in the spotlights of the big TV-city Hilversum (The Netherlands) in 1976. (So rounded off downwards, exactly 23 moons young). I was raised in the cozy area called Brabant where I (very sensible) studied Human Resource Management at the Hogeschool van s'-Hertogenbosch.


Looking for excitement and adventure, I left for tropical Curacao after graduating. I started my career working as a finance manager at a big resort. I had this office, where, when I stood on my toes in a certain corner, I could see the ocean. Since you could find me in this corner all the time, and my feet started to hurt, I decided it was time for a change! I did not only want go diving in the weekend, and spend the rest of the week looking forward to be able to dive again.


I found the solution, and started working at a dive shop. This way I was close to all the action! Assisting and getting (new) divers enthusiastic about diving, only made my passion for diving even bigger. Back then I was certified as an Open Water diver, which I got certified for in Egypt, years ago. Slowly but surely I started to indulge in diving more and more and started to get more and more certifications, until in 2005 I became a dive-instructor. Party!!

(Special thanks to Harry en Lynn)


I feel honored to be able to do this kind of work, and enjoy it to the fullest everyday! The expression on the face of my newest buddy, the first time he or she witnesses the amazing underwater world, makes me really happy. Every time I see their smile and big eyes of happiness and admiration, I once again realize it,

life is beautiful!!!!