The Netherlands


26 June 2007


And again a whole week has passed. Time flies when you’re having fun!! The short time we had in Holland, was filled with lots off fun thing! Monday morning, we took off to the Hague. It was fun, Chris his parents dropped by too. The five of us had a nice lunch, and after that we went on a bone hunt! Yes that is right, bone hunting! Luckily we got them. So my uncle Jan was all happy again! Spend some time looking for some travel accessories we still needed, and after that back to Rodericks place. Mom and dad took the train back to Limburg, and Chris and Roderick started working on the laptop.


The next day, after sleeping in a bit, we finished the laptop stuff, and took a walk around Scheveningen. Mom and dad treated us dinner, we had Chinese food! Thanks Chris en Joke! We went to bed quite early so we could take of the next day bright and early, so Roderick could still do some studying.


When we made it to Waalwijk, there was a note on the door. “Unfortunately” Maartje couldn’t make it to Holland. She was really “bummed” she was stuck in Africa for a few more days. Wednesday we wandered around in Waalwijk, and made some phone calls to Curacao. Later that night, we had nasi for dinner at Karin and Peter. That was really good!! We had a fun night together again guys.


Thursday, bicycle day!! Our bottoms still hurt haha. We went all the way to Vlijmen, about one hour and a half, both ways. There we finally got the bankcards for Roos. The ones we tried to arrange about three weeks already from Curacao. Finally they were done, and man, they come in handy on a big trip like this! Rosie got about three shots of vaccinations, both arms and one leg. We passed by the Travel Doctor, where not like in Curacao, the fridge was still working, to make sure we are all set for the trip. A little bit dazed we drove back to Waalwijk. But, hey, at least she’s set now for the next ten years again!


Going to bed early after this very busy day, paid off the next morning. We got up at 7.30 am. We are on vacation!!!! After an hour and half train ride, we were greeted by Chris’ father, Dre and Sjors. Cool to see you guys again. They dropped us off at Louis, where we had about a whole bottle of bitter lemon, and some delicious local pastry. Louis, thanks a million for the camera. We hope to make a lot of nice pictures. Our old camera broke down, and so our dive buddy , and one of Chris’ father best friend, Louis decided to sponsor us with his camera. AWSOME!!


We spend the afternoon at “oma Fanny”, Chris’ grandma. Catching up, and being spoiled of course! Roderick also came later that night, and so we were all set for the party next day! We had a lot of fun. All the family together again, catching up, a little tour in a horse carriage, some BBQ. Just like the old times. It was really nice.


Sunday, back to Brabant. In Tilburg, we got picked up by Rosie’s father, we passed by Maartje’s place, to pack up our stuff. When we got in Nieuwendijk, we had some delicious dinner which Lijna made us. Tenderloin, baked potatoes and salad. This is some food we are not going to get home cooked in a long time from now on. It was delicious guys. Thanks, also for Rosie's present.


By now everything is packed and Monday we are being dropped of at schiphol airport. Luckily we were really early, because our flight to London was cancelled, and of course we didn’t know anything about it. We could take a flight earlier, but this cut down on our time to spend with Stef, Ingrid and Nick, who we were to meet here. Roderick also came by. But hey, quality is what counts, and not quantity. Even though it was short, it was really nice to see you guys again. Thanks for your little card. We will definitely have one on you guys! Really nice of you! Thanks. Next time, when you guys are in Curacao, the “catch-up” will be longer!


Finally on our way, we also opened up Eric and Suzanna’s card. We got it the first day we arrived in holland, and were not allowed to open it before we were on the way. Thanks a lot guys, for the sweet card, and the gift. It was a big surprise!! Really really sweet, Thanks!!


About 24 hours later, we are high up in the air somewhere between Singapore and Bali. 1 hour to London, 13 hours to Singapore, 3 to Bali, and in between of course some time to spend on all the different mega airports. That already was a major adventure. Just a little bit more, and then finally, by 2.30 pm, (local Bali) time, we hope to be  in bed somewhere in Kuta.


What’s going to happen next, we don’t know, but it’s going to be fun for sure. Stay tuned, leave a message in the guestbook and take a look at our new pictures. All in all it became long text again...sorry Frans, no whining, just keep reading:) Now you are totally up to date again.


Big hug for everybody, and till next week.

Greetings, Roos and Chris. 





17 june 2007

Oke guys, we made it to The Netherlands, after an emotional goodby from the "goodby-team"(Margot, Pam, Ruud, and Bernadette) we started our adventure with trying to finish all the peanut boxes, in the shop at the airport. Sadly enough it was clear quite fast, why some of the boxes were still quite full. A combination of dried plum, whiskey, and chocolade. Mmmmm that's new! Without anybody noticing, I managed to put back the handfull of nuts that I had!

After Chris had read trough all the surf magazines, and Rosie had been playing around with the "hard working"drugsdog in the lobby, we boarded the plane. Ofcourse, due to Chris' imposibilitiy, to sit still for more than 30 seconds, Rosie got the windo side of the seats! A final quick phonecall with Rosie's sister Margot before we took off. Margot wrote Rosie a very sweet letter, of course to be read, AFTER we took off. Once everything settled down up in the air, we bought some earphones, (yes these days you don't get them for free anymore) watched some movies, read "cosmo" had some poffertjes" (small dutch pancakes) for breakfast, and before we knew it we were in The Netherlands.

At Schiphol airport we were picked up by Eric, our friend and buddy. Straight from work, so looking fancy, and obviously still in the much faster pace than we are used to, we went for a walk trough Amsterdam together with Eric, and his/our friend Suzanna. It was a very nice day, the sun was shining. Walking around Amsterdam we ran into our friend/ex-colleague Eric from Curacao! What a suprise! He's finally doing what he always wanted (photography), and he's doing good. Thanks for whising us all the best on the big trip eric, was cool to run into you!

Later this day Erik and Suzanne drove us all the way to "Brabant", isn't that nice?! Finally, I could cuddle up with my mom! After eating some "pindarotsjes" (dutch chocolade treat) and some catching up, we went to bed. Tired, but satisfied.

Next morning, ... or afternoon, where are we, what time is it?! Ooh yeah, mister time gave us a nice treat, I think they call it a jetlag. Still somehwat light headed, we took on the "big city of Waalwijk" together with Rosie's mom Jose. From Jose and Josef we got a very nice laptop, so now we can keep you up to date from anywhere in the world. Awesome!! One of the main things that I miss from The Netherlands, aside from the family, is the real dutch babi panggang. After wandering around in the house for ages, looking trough the window's, finally Josef came back with two big bags of chinese food! All night long I tried to stuff myself as much as possible with the food, and by the end off the night, all you had to do, was roll me into bed!

By now it is already thursday. Time is flying! Today we visited Ton, Rosie's father. We walked around the market in Werkendam, where despite the rain, there still was alot going on. The daughter of Lijna, (partner of Rosie's father) Merlin also had a stand here. After a long afternoon we went home tired but satisfied. Lijna made us a very nice meal, while we were setting up Rosie's dad with MSN messenger. After the food, and some catching up it was time again to hit the road, go home and sleep! Tomorrow is another day!

Friday was a nice easy day, after we went to the bank, we had some drinks in town, where we also bought a webcam! Fun for on the road! Dinner, was babi panggang again, Sorry I can't help it guys. Also we had Olga coming over, was nice to see you Olga!

Saturday was a little bit busier, Chris went to limburg to see some of his family, so after we dropped him of, me and my mom stayed around in town. Still catching up!

At night I got picked up by Dennis, old schoolmate of mine. We went to the gettogether of my old school "d'Oultremontcollege". After hanging out with some of the students from a few generations before us, we finally ran into the bunch we were looking for! (Dave, Nicky, Edwin, Barbara, Kim, Angela, Tommy, Manfred, Iwan, Danielle, etc.) It was alot of fun to see all these people again, even all the teachers, like mr Musters,and of course de principal, Mr v Erp. I don't know if it was a good thing or not, but he recognised me imediately and even rememberd my name!

Around 10 at night we left to go to a big family party in Drunen. When we arived here, the party was already in full swing. About 250 people got togehter for the 25th aniversary off Wilma en Peter (aunt and uncle of Rosie). It was really cool to see everybody and having them all together in the same place. Thanks alot Peter and Wilma. Of course it was time for a drink and a dance, and ofcourse there's a bunch of pictures taken! The band "The Rocket Explosions" ( took us back to the fifties and the sixties. As usual, one hell of a show. Thanks Ruud, and we'll be mailing this time! haha.

About 9 hours of sleep later, we woke up on this sunday. Fathers day. Where could it be better to be on fathersday then at grandpa and grandma's. Loads of delicious snacks, catching up with grandma in the kitchen, sun is shining, what else do you want!? It was my birtday quite a while ago, (13th of may) but ofcourse grandma's don't forget these things, so there were even some presents for me! Grandma, your the best! Back home we put on some socks to stay warm, and worked on finishing the diary. Tomorrow we're leaving for The Hague, to chill out with Roderick, Chris' brother. Probably his parents will be passing by to, what would be nice, because it has been a while since we've seen them for the last time too. Tomorrow it's monday already, one week is gone already! Time flies, and we're having fun! I still say: Life is beautiful!

See you next week!
Greetings, Rosie and Chris




It's getting close! The countdown has begun. We are really looking forward to it! The 11th of June we'll be flying to The Netherlands, where we'll first be visiting the cozy "Brabant". We'll be visiting Rosie's parents, grandparents, and the rest of her family here. There will be a big family party, it's going to be awesome! Party time!!!


Afterwards we'll be hanging around in The Hague, to visit Roderick, Chris his brother. After these days, Maartje, one of Rosie’s best friends will be back from vacation. Of course we have to catch up with her too.


The last few days we'll be visiting Chris his family in Limburg! There's going to be one heck of a party!! The short time we had in The Netherlands is sadly enough coming to an end now. But, we have something awesome to look forward to!


Monday, June 25, we'll be leaving for Bali, Indonesia! 

Indonesia, here we come.


Greetings, Chris & Roos